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B.Com Logistics & Shipping

B.COM course details

1. Eligibility:

A Pass in Higher Secondary Examination (HSC) for admission

2. Duration:

3 years (6 semester pattern)

3. Standard of Passing and Award of Division:

a. Students shall have a minimum of 40% of total marks of the University examinations in each subject. The overall passing minimum is 40% both in aggregate of Continuous Internal Assessment and external in each subject.

b. The minimum marks for passing in each theory/lab course shall be 40% of the marks prescribed for the paper/lab.

c. A candidate who secures 40% or more marks but less than 50% of the aggregate marks prescribed for three years taken together, shall be awarded THIRD CLASS.

d. A candidate who secures 50% or more marks but less than 60% of the aggregate marks prescribed for three years taken together, shall be awarded SECOND CLASS.

e. A candidate who secures 60% or more of the aggregate marks prescribed for three years taken together, shall be awarded FIRST CLASS.

f. Only Part-III subjects were considered for the ranking.

g. The Practical/Project shall be assessed by the two examiners, by an internal examiner and an external examiner.

4. Continuous internal Assessment:

a. Continuous Internal Assessment for each paper shall be by means of Written Tests, Assignments, Class tests and Seminars

b. 25 marks allotted for the Continuous Internal assessment is distributed for Written Test, Assignment, Class test and Seminars.

c. One Internal Tests of 2-hour duration may be conducted during the semester for each course / subject and the best marks may be considered and one Model Examination will be conducted at the end of the semester prior to University examination. Students may be asked to submit at least five assignments in each subject. They should also participate in Seminars conducted for each subject and marks allocated accordingly.

d. The continuous internal assessment marks are to be submitted to the University at the end of every year.

5. Attendance:

Students must have earned 75% of attendance in each course for appearing for the examination.

Students who have earned 74% to 70% of attendance to be applied for condonation in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee.

Students who have earned 69% to 60% of attendance to be applied for condonation in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee along with the medical certificate.

Students who have below 60% of attendance are not eligible to appear for the examination. They shall re-do the semester(s) after completion of the program.

6. Examination:

Candidate must complete course duration to appear for the university examination. Examination will be conducted with concurrence of Controller of Examinations as per the Alagappa University regulations. University may send the representatives as the observer during examinations. University Examination will be held at the end of each semester for duration of 3 hours for each subject. Certificate will be issued as per the AU regulations.

7. Question Paper pattern:

Duration: 3 Hours

Maximum - 75 Marks


Short answer questions with no choice

10 x 02 = 20 Marks

Brief answer with either or type

05 x 05 = 25 Marks

Essay – type questions of either or type]

03 x 10 = 30 Marks

8. Miscellaneous:

a. Each student possesses the prescribed text books for the subject and the workshop tools as required for theory and practical classes.

b. Each student is issued with an identity card by the University to identify his/her admission to the course

c. Students are provided library and internet facilities for development of their studies.

d. Students are to maintain the record of practical conducted in the respective laboratory in a separate Practical Record Book and the same will have to be presented for review by the University examiner.

e. Students who successful complete the course within the stipulated period will be awarded the degree by the University.

f. The Internship / Project (any other viva-voce) where external examiner is assigned from the university, there may be changes in the exam dates as per the availability of the External Examiner.

9. Other Regulations:

Besides the above, the common regulation of the University/Institute shall also be applicable to this program.